IF you have any queries or problems regarding any of the following these are the contact details of the organisations you need to contact.

Roads, highways including footpaths: Norfolk County Council www.norfolk.gov.uk , follow links to roads and transport. This includes reporting potholes. Tel 0344 800 8020       email [email protected]

Planning, rubbish collections: Broadland District Council  www.broadland.gov.uk  or telephone 01603 431133

One Response to WHO TO CONTACT

  1. Dave Forster says:

    I was nearly written off just recently. Turning right out of Friendship Lane towards Aylsham, a vehicle being driven at at least 50mph came hurtling around the bend…. too late, I had pulled out, fortunately he stopped a few feet from my drivers door, shouting and verbally abusing me out of his window. This is madness, motorists just do not take any notice of the speed limit as they enter Cawston. I’m an engineer and as I see it, two ‘sleeping policemen (speed ramps) need to be installed 5ft before the 30mph speed sign, inexpensive, this will slow the traffic down. We don’t need speed Cameras. Nobody wants to damage their suspension. Apparently Mr Howard who lives in Aspenvale witnessed my incident. This needs to be addressed otherwise some fatality is going to happen. I await to see if this falls on deaf ears. Sincerely yours. David (Ronnie) Forster.

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