Once again we are receiving complaints regarding loose dogs on the Playing Field: this field was donated to the Parish for the enjoyment of all. Sadly children are being frightened off the field by dogs running free. Please remember, that although your dog is friendly and would never hurt anyone, not everybody will be aware of this. Also, some people are genuinely scared of dogs. For these reasons we ask that all dogs are kept under control on a lead.

We are also having problems with dog waste in the Cemetery and the Playing Field. Bins have been provided near all entrances. Please clear up after your dog. Remember, if you bag your dog waste up properly it can be put in any public letter bin.

If matters do not improve the Council will consider what action it can take.

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  1. Judith Snowling says:

    Some contridiction here!! Not the same report printed in the April edition of the Cawston parish magazine. Why ? Clearly says on council web site and notice on playing field ‘please keep dogs on a lead’ !!!!! Magazine report says differently.

  2. cawstonpc says:

    Here is the full text of the article:

    The Parish Council is still receiving letters of complaint about dogs not being under control on the playing field, incidents which have caused distress to a child playing on the field and also about the amount of dog faeces not being cleared up.
    The majority of dog walkers who use this field to exercise their dogs keep them under control and also pick up after their dogs and use the many bins provided to deposit the bags.
    Unfortunately the minority few who do neither of the above are giving all dog owners a bad press, a symptom that now occurs in most things in this world.
    Could we as a Parish Council appeal again to the minority to please keep your dogs under control, and this means keeping them on a lead if you are not sure that they will obey any command you give them, and also pick up after your dog and use the bins provided. Picking up and then throwing the bag into the nearest hedge is also not correct, as this means the person who does the weekly litter pick-up on the playing field, on behalf of the Council, has to pick these bags up as well.
    Hopefully, if all dog owners comply, then all users of the playing field will be able to live in harmony and we as a Council will not receive any more letters of complaint.

  3. Judith snowling says:

    For these reasons we ask all dogs are kept under control on a lead !!!! Or. This means keeping them on a lead if you are not sure they will obey any command you give them !!!!!!

  4. Gordon Youd says:

    I find it so sad the way some people do not pick up the mess their dog has left.
    I think a solution could be to get a council worker to walk a dog around the area to catch people who do not conform with the rules on dog mess. A fine could then be imposed.
    It would soon get around that any one of the dog walkers could be an official.
    Just my six penny worth.

  5. Jeremy Lambert says:

    I am infuriated by the number of dog faeces all over the park and the cemetery.
    Also, the number of owners with their dogs off the leash just running around coupled with the owners that use the oh so extending leads to which gives the owner limited control.
    It seems some of the people of Norfolk have a blatant disregard for LAW, there needs to be some clear signage putting up so that there can be no confusion, my dog gets very distressed by other dogs being off the lead, fortunately, I would never walk my dog in a public place without the leash.

  6. jenny white says:

    the oakes playing field should change its name to the dog toilet field because its being mainly used by dog owners and dogs! i have gone there many a time to see just dog walkers! and most are off leads had dogs running at me jumping up at me etc gets me so angry, same with marriots way as well dog shit everywhere its used as a dog toilet and by local dog owners. This blanted attitude seems to be everwhere by dog owners now and im sick of it

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